Basic Maps #2

posted on 2016-05-14 11:58:24 by Menno

A general purpose dungeon map. Now, I can imagine this to be the place for some sort of secret ritual. Six small chambers (for prisoners? For young virgins? For monks?). The large room with the pillars is connected to the preparation room for the priestess. Or is it the thaumaturgic retreat of the Necromancer? To the right is a cave with a well of some kind of power. Maybe a gate to another world? The lair for some underwater entity?

Basic Maps

posted on 2016-05-11 20:11:31 by Menno

A basic general purpose fantasy map.

transparent version

Tools For Mapmaking: Inkscape

posted on 2016-05-11 12:09:00 by Menno

My goto tool for map making is the unsurpassable Inkscape. Inkscape is a free and open source vector drawing program like Coreldraw and Adobe Illustrator. The usability, availability and features makes this one of my favourite applications. While it's easy to get started once you get a grasp of vector-driven drawing, there are so many functionalities to learn that will ease and enhance the mapmaking experience.

Later on I'll add tips and tricks for map makers how to make good use of Inkscape.

List Of Lores #1

posted on 2016-05-09 06:34:23 by Menno

A List of Lores that can be randomly told to the players during a game to create a history or to provide waypoints. These lores or rumors need to be rather vague to allow multiple interpretations. Adventures sprout from here.

  1. A tree that bleeds a liquid gold substance
  2. An old hermit that lives in the forest seems to getting younger
  3. 300 Years ago the palace of Queen Eophelia was covered by a sandstorm, it's location lost to posterity. Recently spires are said to be seen extruding from the sand
  4. A tea brewed with / inhaled fumes of burned raisin secreted by corpse beetles is said to enable you enter the realm of the dead
  5. Firewood is highly insulating and resistant to fire. The trees in a firewood forest generate constant electricity burning anything in the forest except the trees
  6. Songs of the clouds. When the second moon aligns with the third moon, the clouds can be heard singing
  7. Legendary wine, produced during the green storm. Only a handful of bottles are left
  8. On the steppes there once lived a orange coated people that hunted the great Ummurha to extinction
  9. This town is the birthplace of the legendary Bard Of Peridir
  10. This town was build on top of a much older town. This happened at least three times

About Maps, Mechanics and Musings

posted on 2016-05-05 19:05:14 by Menno

This blog will be the sublimation of my thoughts and writings about games, game mechanics, maps and other stuff that I find interesting.

About me

I am a dedicated dad and husband who is fascinated by randomness and creation. During the day I create code and applications. During my free time I create music, games, maps, food and drink.